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Premium UV Inverter

Modern design and clean air

As a premium model, this exceptional air conditioner is a combination of advanced technologies, high energy efficiency class A+++, modern design and the latest functions to achieve incredible air purity.


Clean air

With anti-allergy filtration and a UV lamp, incredible air purity is ensured, and thus conditions for a healthier life and greater comfort. But Hyundai did not stop there, because the following functions not only ensure air quality, but also the longevity of the air conditioner itself:
The self-cleaning function automatically cleans the indoor unit exchanger after stopping the air conditioner, leaving the indoor unit fan running for several minutes to remove condensed water and bacteria from the unit.

The system delivers negative ions which greatly influence the improvement of air quality. The advantage of ionizers in air conditioners is the ability to create natural and refreshing air in your home. Negative ions in the air reduce stress, aid metabolism, stimulate circulation, improve lung function and prevent lung diseases such as asthma.

Compound filtration

  • active carbon filter with vitamin C
  • cold catalyst filter
  • silver ion filter
  • high density filter

Gilded slats
The evaporator and condenser protective coating effectively inhibits the development of bacteria, improves heating efficiency by accelerating defrosting the outdoor unit, and can withstand salty air, rain and other corrosive elements.




New air conditioners are no longer "just" air conditioners, today they largely contribute to the general atmosphere in the room. No one wants to be directly hit by cold air, also where the air conditioner persistently airs the wrong part of the room. That's why Hyundai Premium UV Inverter offers smart solutions like:

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A remote sensor incorporates a temperature sensor that responds to the room's thermal loads. The unit itself regulates the room temperature to make it more comfortable for the user.

3D Air flow
The device has the function of automatic horizontal swing of the blades (left-right) and vertical swing (up-down), which allows for a more even and comfortable air flow. This way, every corner of the room will have an optimum supply of fresh air.

Turbo mode
With this function, the air conditioner will maximize the effect of cooling or heating capacity, make the room cool or warm quickly, and reach the desired temperature in the shortest possible time. The function is especially useful when entering the room from the outside, where the temperature is significantly different from the room temperature.

Being able to set the device to turn on and off within 24 hours via the timer function can result in great energy savings.



Energy saving

With energy efficiency of the highest class A +++ in cooling and A ++ in heating, this air conditioner belongs to the very top of the offer. This is helped by the latest environmentally friendly refrigerant R32 and additional functions that are the perfect combination of pleasant and useful:

Sleep mode
The air conditioner will automatically raise the temperature (in cooling) or lower the temperature (in heating) by 1 ° C per hour for the first two hours of operation. After that the temperature remains the same and the air conditioner automatically switches off after 5 hours of operation.

1W standby
This intelligent on-off technology enables the air conditioner to automatically enter standby mode, which results in a reduction in energy consumption from the usual 5 W to 1 W, so 80% - 90% of energy is conserved.




In addition to energy savings, clean air and comfort functions, the most important feature of air conditioning is reliability. Reliability in correct operation, in a timely indication of a possible error, in cooling and heating when temperatures surprise us unpleasantly; the reliability that investing in air conditioning will result in the expected benefits. For these reasons, Hyundai has additionally invested in the development of technologies that ensure reliability:

Emergency function
If an error or problem occurs at the temperature sensor, the standard air conditioner will display an error code and stop immediately, while this air conditioner will display an error and resume operation, if necessary. This will ensure reliable operation of the air conditioner when it is most needed.

Automatic restart
If there is a power failure during operation of the air conditioner the unit will shut off. When the power is restored, the settings stored in the device memory are automatically restored and it resumes operation. This function is especially important when it comes to areas where maintaining a specific temperature is needed.

"I" remote control
The main functions of the air conditioner can be modified by modifying the program on the remote control. You can also change the settings and delete the ones you don't need.

Working at low ambient temperatures
The air conditioner can be started in cooling even when outdoor temperatures are up to -15 ° C thanks to a specially designed low temperature PCB. In addition the outdoor unit fan speed can be changed automatically according to the condensing temperature.

Maintaining 8 ° C in the room
A function that keeps the room temperature at 8 ° C to prevent the pipes from freezing or bursting. Also available via wireless remote control.

Heaters in the outdoor unit
You can count on heating without worries throughout the winter and the coldest days as this model comes with additional heaters in the outdoor unit. They will make sure that the compressor is working properly and that the condensate in the tub does not freeze. In this way, proper heating is ensured and energy consumption is reduced.


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