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Air filter HY - Vitamin C + Activ Carbon filter

Code: 2580802
Price starts at
67,50 kn

The Vitamin C + Activ Carbon filter allows Vitamin C to reach and penetrate the skin through the air conditioner where it is further permeated towards the body by the function of biological enzyme of the skin.

Ingredients: Vitamin C + fiber ion

Functions: beautifies the skin, reduces stress, prevents rheumatism and cancer

  • stops ultraviolet rays to protect the skin
  • inhibiting the oxidative effect of freckles and black moles
  • by removing active oxygen it beautifies and whitens the skin
  • improves ossein production and increases skin elasticity and slows down skin aging

It is recommended to clean the filter with water or a vacuum cleaner every month. The service life of the filter is 2 years.