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Elite Inverter

Code: Elite Inverter
Price starts at
3.819,00 kn
  • Heating: from -15°C to +30°C
  • Cooling: from -15°C to +50°C
  • Anti alergic filter
  • Self Diagnostic Function
  • Auto changeover
  • Auto restart
  • Self cleaning function
  • Hi-Power mode
  • Ionizator
  • Low noise model
  • Frost protection mode
  • Low noise mode
  • Timer
  • WiFi
Technical specification
Model Cooling capacity (kW) Heating capacity (kW) Energy efficiency SEER/SCOP Dimensions (H/W/D) mm


(1,2 - 3,4)


(0,8 - 3,9)

A++ / A+





(1,4 - 4,6)


(0,9 - 5,1)

A++ / A+





(2,0 - 6,2)


(1,3 - 7,0)

A++ / A+



This advanced model of Hyundai air conditioners wins the market for a reason. With its innovative design and powerful performance, the Hyundai Elite Inverter offers a comfortable variety of features and the latest generation of cooling technology. This exceptional air conditioner will take care of everything, whether cooling, dehumidifying or heating.

With its cooling effect of 2.6 - 5.2 kW and a heating effect of 2.9 - 5.6 kW, the Elite Inverter Series air conditioner is recommended for rooms ranging from 25 m² to 55 m². In addition to reliable cooling and heating, this air conditioner also provides exceptional air quality and purity thanks to a complex filter system of multiple filters (high density filter, cold catalyst filter and multi-layered active carbon with vitamin C filter). Along this exceptional filtration, the Elite Inverter Series also comes with an ionizer that provides even better air quality and helps prevent lung diseases like asthma.

The air conditioner is fully automatic and offers a variety of options with its microprocessor control: Maintaining 8 ° C in space, Timer, Follow me, 5 speed outdoor unit fan, Sleep mode, Automatic restart ...

Device management is enabled with the infrared remote control and WiFi module (this great addition allows you to control and adjust the functions of the air conditioner via a special app on your smartphone or tablet) included in the price of the product. - learn more about remote control features

Thanks to specially designed electronics, the device can operate even when outdoor temperatures are up to -15 ° C, and the outdoor unit fan speed can be changed automatically according to the condensing temperature. Gilded evaporator and condenser fins effectively prevent bacterial development, improve heating efficiency by rapidly defrosting the outdoor unit, and can withstand salty air, rain, and other corrosive elements. Because of all these features, the Hyundai Elite Inverter Series offers an economically viable alternative to heating.

Save money, but also the environment! The Elite Inverter Series uses the environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant and is one of the A ++ high energy efficiency devices thanks to its advanced inverter technology. A comfortable and healthy climate throughout the year while saving are the qualities of this series.

Quick and easy! Thanks to the All Easy system, installing and maintaining your air conditioner has never been faster and easier.

The Hyundai Elite Inverter air conditioning unit consists of the HRH-09/12/18GMV indoor unit, the HRO-09/12/18GMV outdoor unit, the infrared remote control and the WiFi control module.

- learn more about Hyundai Elite Inverter line of air conditioners