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Air filter HY - Bio HEPA filter

Code: 2580801
Price starts at
60,00 kn

Climate filters are used to maintain quality and purify the air, remove odors, ionize and a number of other activities. Due to the large amount of air passing through the device, regular maintenance is required.

The Bio HEPA filtration system removes harmful substances and particles in the air, ensuring you fresh, clean and healthy air.

Advantages of Bio HEPA filters:

  • Removal of micro dust less than 0.3 μm
  • Effectively removes fungi, pollen and other harmful substances
  • Removes bacteria and microbes

The biological enzyme binds to bacteria and dissolves the cell wall of the germ. Under internal pressure, bacterial cell sap leaks out, causing bacteria to die due to lack of food.

It is recommended to vacuum the filter every month. The service life of the filter is 1 year.