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Training academy


Technical training of frigomechanics

One of the largest and most modern training centers in this part of Europe is located at our headquarters, at Kneza Branimira 189 in Zagreb. In an area of 170 m2, participants of the training program can work on a large number of different units of Korean air conditioning manufacturer Hyundai. All trainings are made by the so-called 'hands-on' principle where trainees work on real air conditioners, eliminating real failures and mistakes in order to gain knowledge that will be of utmost importance to them.

Large selection of SPLIT / MULTI-SPLIT / ATW / VRF SYSTEM units

Many current units of Hyundai air conditioning are available to the participants. As each model has some peculiarities,doing it this way provides a wide range of experience by working on current models of air conditioners.


Customized training

This trainings are designed to educate installers, repairers, designers and students who will be guided by a team of expert and experienced engineers and repairers to gain the practical knowledge and experience needed to work with air conditioning equipment.

In addition to tailored trainings for individual product segments, we designed the training center to raise the quality of the installation service and to set new benchmarks in the air conditioning segment. We aim to perfect the synergy between the product application, the assembly service and the service you and our partners offer to our customers. In this way, we want to provide you with the highest quality education in the most advanced air-conditioning training center in Croatia.





Training content

  • Requirements for the installation and commissioning of air conditioning equipment
  • Advanced service and fault diagnostic services for field service technicians
  • Product selection and possible application of individual products
  • Management systems and their application